News from the valley Waki

The supply crisis has now reached northern Uganda. It is more urgent to increase agricultural productivity. Neither the by aid agencies often glorified peasant structures nor the vast farms of the Chinese and Indians for the renewable raw materials will be able to defeat the hunger, but only with reasonable farm sizes, which are operated by well trained and responsible acting farmers, can succeed.

About 10 years ago we have supported Bishop Deogratias to purchase a farm area of 42 ha in size. With the help of sponsors we now could purchase an adjacent area from a community of heirs of further 68 ha.
The surfaces must be re-cultivated. There's a clay deposit and a small source. Well, good conditions for further development. The small office building was built in the shape of a traditional round hut and is nearing completion.

If Father Gerald can raise the necessary timber then the roof of the health center can be applied. Lumber is scarce and expensive in Uganda. The health center will be built with the assistance of the “Kindermissionswerk” and the Emsland hospitals “Ludmillenstift Meppen”, “Boniface Lingen” and “St. Vinzens Haseluenne”.

The power supply of the water pump and the administration of the health center is done alternately by a small diesel generator. Diesel is very expensive and therefore we plan to be supplied by photovoltaics.
The corn is good and next week begins the peanut crop, already at least an area of 2.5 ha

The water pump of the bishop is broken already for a year and he hopes for a new one. As the power fails again and again, he also asked for a photovoltaic system, as besides the bishop's administration in the diocese building also old and sick priests are living.

The St. Mary School is waiting for a concrete floor and the urgent renovation of at least one classroom. Let's see what we can do.

There are successes, but also a lot of work remaining.

Until the next information I remain with best regards.


H. Hövelmann